Test Scholarships for International Students at Free University of Berlin, Germany


The Free University of Berlin has decided to grant deserving international students Test Scholarships in order to aid the recruitment of international PhD applicants. For the academic year 2022-2023, the scholarships are available for use in Germany.
This scholarship program is only available to international students. Applicants for PhD programs are welcome to apply. To be considered for this scholarship grant worth EURO 1,300, interested candidates must submit a CV and a proposal.
In Berlin, Germany, the Free Institution of Berlin is a public research university. Its purpose is to broaden the integration of sustainability issues into university curricula and to execute the concept of Education for Sustainable Development. It is ranked 111th in the Best Global Universities list.

What makes the Free University of Berlin such a good place to study? Since 2007, the Free University of Berlin has been recognized as one of Germany’s top universities, with a focus on research and education. In both rounds of the previous competition, the German Excellence Initiative in 2006/2007 and 2012, the university was recognized as an excellent university.
Last day to apply: For the Fall and Spring semesters, the deadlines are April 1st and November 1st, respectively.

a quick summary
Free for Universities and Organizations Department: NA at University of Berlin
PhD stipend: 1,300 EUR
NA for the number of awards
Online access
International citizenship
In Germany, the award might be accepted.
Countries that qualify The program is open to all international students.
Students can study for a PhD degree at FU Berlin.
Criteria for Eligibility Applicants must meet all of the criteria listed below in order to be considered:
Within six weeks of the project’s completion, the candidates must submit a report to the Center for International Cooperation.
Applicant Instructions
Applicant Instructions: For admission to the doctoral program, doctoral candidates must fill out an online application. To apply for the scholarship, students must send an application form as well as a CV to winkler@fu-berlin.de.
Documents of Support: A curriculum vitae (CV) must be submitted by the students.
Applicants must complete the university’s formal PhD criteria and submit a project report to the Center for International Cooperation within six weeks of project completion.
Students must submit their scores on the following English language proficiency tests:
TOEFL PBT – 450 to 500 TOEFL CBT – 130 to 170 TOEFL IBT – 60 to 80 ILETS – 4.5 to 5.0 TOEFL IBT – 60 to 80 TOEFL IBT – 60 to 80 TOEFL IBT – 60 to 80 TOEFL IBT – 60 to 80 TOEFL IBT – 60 to
UNICert – I to II CAE FCE CAE Advantages UNICert – I to II CAE FCE CAE Advantages UNICert – I
This fellowship includes a monthly stipend of EUR 1,300 (for a maximum of three months) and a travel allowance for selected PhD candidates.

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