International Postdoctoral Scholarships in Soft and Stretchable Neural Probes, Sweden

Through its International Postdoctoral Scholarships in Soft and Stretchable Neural Probes in Sweden, Linköping University supports high-achieving candidates.
For the academic session 2022/2023, the study program is open to outstanding international students who wish to pursue a postdoctoral degree program.
Linköping, Sweden’s sixth university, was founded in 1975. With 27,000 students and 4,000 employees, Linköping University (LiU) is one of Sweden’s largest universities. Depending on the course or program, the university employs one of four grading systems.

What are the Benefits of Studying at Linköping University? You will be expected to be self-sufficient in your work and to take responsibility for the quality of your education as a student here. Here you will find information regarding your time as a LiU student. You’ll study scientific technique, ethical research practices, and how to work independently and methodically.
Application Deadline: The deadline for submitting entries for the following grant is February 28, 2022.

a short description
Linköping University (Campus Norrköping) is a university in Linköping, Sweden.
Department: Science and Technology Department
Postdoctoral Award: SEK25000:- per month + travel costs
Online mode of access
NA (number of awards)
International nationality
The prize can be accepted anywhere in Sweden.
All nationalities except Sweden are eligible.
Acceptable Subjects or Courses: The prize will be given to a postdoctoral researcher working on Soft and Stretchable Neural Probes.
Criteria that are acceptable: All of the following conditions must be met by claimants:
Only non-Swedish citizens possessing a PhD or equivalent from a country other than Sweden are eligible for the program.
The applicant must have or be on the verge of receiving a doctorate in a field relevant to the research endeavor (e.g., material science, applied physics, electrical engineering) and be enthusiastic about research. Experimentation with flexible electronics or neural interfaces will be advantageous. Problem-solving skills, inventiveness, and a basic command of the English language are required.
How to Make an Application
Application Instructions: Electronically, send the application to, with a duplicate to In the e-mail subject field, write Dnr ITN-2020-00011 to identify your application.
Documents to Support: The following documents must be submitted in a pre-formatted manner by applicants.
Two-page cover letter outlining your experience, research interests, and why you’re interested in the post.
CV, maximum 4 pages, with contact information for three references.
The whole list of publications is available.
a copy of your passport, a copy of your PhD diploma, and a copy of your MSc transcripts with grades
Requirements for Admission: The candidate should have or be on the verge of earning a PhD in a field related to the research topic. Material science, applied physics, and (electro) chemistry are examples. Applicants must be enthusiastic about research.
Requires a good command of the English language. It is necessary to be able to communicate in English. If English is not your first language, you must demonstrate English competency before being admitted to Linköping University.
Linköping University will cover your study costs for the next two years.

The monthly stipend is SEK25000:- (€2500/month) and is tax-free.
An award holder’s travel costs to and from Sweden will be covered up to a certain amount.
Participating at conferences may be possible with the help of funding. has important information about healthcare, insurance, and other topics.
Now is the time to apply.

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