SEO Specialist: what it is, what it does, salary.

SEO Specialist SEO Expert is a highly-trained Special Forces soldier for high-level risky attacks. Absolutely nothing!

After having explained with a touch of irony the meaning of SEO was in my article How do you describe SEO to your grandpa Today I’d like to clarify who is the SEO Expert is, and the work he performs, are you prepared?

Who is the SEO Specialist?

When asked what I do to earn a living, extremely complex thinking about how to answer comes into my brain.


Do I have to say ” I’m an SEO specialist ” and then wait for the inevitable expression of puzzlement from the other end? Or do I go with the response that my wife uses every day: ” My husband works on the Internet to get a site on the first page on Google “.

It’s true, the mystery of the people who work online will never be the sole responsibility of an SEO expert.

Technically speaking, an SEO specialist is a person who is responsible for all actions aimed at improving the position on search engines of websites. Any website, whether it’s one of a large or small company as well as a professional brand as well as an organization.

If you’re really interested to understand what an SEO specialist does and discovering whether an SEO specialist can help your company’s digital marketing strategy, this article will provide you with the information.

What are the benefits of having an SEO specialist can an SEO Specialist do for your company?

It’s the truth. A lot of professionals have a difficult time comprehending what the work of an SEO Specialist is made up of. It is also then that for an SEO professional explaining what they do could be a lot of work. Particularly if the person who is talking with you is not well-versed in SEO and digital marketing.

In actual fact, who can comprehend the job of a surgeon for the heart or a butcher? Each occupation has its own specificities that are not always easily explained.

In the SEO business, the importance of communication and clarity is essential. It is therefore essential to be able to articulate clearly what is an SEO specialist does and how they do it.

SEO Let’s take a step back

SEO or Search Engine Optimization (better called SEO) can be described as the collection of strategies that increase the visibility of websites by increasing their rank in search engine results.

The thing I always tell business owners and entrepreneurs is that by using SEO you no longer search for customers. They are the ones who discover you! Therefore, it is possible to summarize an SEO specialist as follows:

An SEO is a digital marketing specialist who is involved with optimizing websites in order to increase their ranking on search engines.

What’s the goal of an SEO Specialist?

The main goal of an SEO specialist is to boost the amount of organic traffic to websites.

To achieve this, the entire effort of the SEO Specialist should be directed towards achieving the top positions in the search result pages of Google (in technical terms, referred to by the abbreviation SERP).

The higher the ranking in the search results, the more companies are able to sell their goods and promote their services.

How can you achieve these outcomes? by studying the keywords, covering topics that are related to your market of choice as well as improving user experience, and adhering to the rules of the search engines.

Search engines are always updating. In addition, SEO experts must keep up to date with Google’s algorithm updates.

What exactly is an SEO Specialist does

There are many factors that affect the position of your website in search engines. For instance, here I’ve listed the 10 most crucial factors however, there are many more!

They all have to be tracked

Additionally, determining Google trends related to the keywords that are relevant to your business or business isn’t simple and quick.

The role of an SEO Specialist isn’t limited to just a couple of modifications to your website or some links put in everywhere. A specialist in SEO positioning is constantly looking for new trends and keywords that can improve the organic traffic to your website.

Organic traffic refers to the number of visits to your website which comes from organic search results.

Don’t forget that optimizing isn’t only about increasing website visits. The job of an SEO expert is focused on getting people to purchase from your site or on your e-commerce.

Optimizing your site to be search engine friendly requires being aware of these elements and then implementing specific SEO strategies.

What is the purpose of optimization? There are a variety of technical procedures that can be designed within the HTML code and the content of the webpages of the website to make it easier for them to comprehend for Google.

Since search engines evolve frequently so an SEO Specialist can’t rely on the same strategies all the time. The contemporary SEO specialist is more dedicated to meta tags and keywords.

What are the capabilities of the SEO Specialist?

An SEO specialist should be aware of a variety of things. Ten years ago, the work of an SEO specialist was different from the work that it is today.

A variety of skills and capabilities are needed for this profession to be performed to perform the job in the most efficient manner.


  • The links on websites are crucial for position
  • Can you do on a website page to boost its ranking
  • What can be done on a site that will place it on Google
  • Content marketing is an essential element for any online marketing campaign
  • Social media’s role in the search engine ranking
  • Advertising and Pay-Per-Click are both worthwhile to invest in.
  • How can you make the most of new trends like SEO for voice and video search

General abilities required of an SEO specialist

Modern SEO specialists should be an effective problem-solver and a decision-maker. They must be able to prioritize the priorities of an SEO project. Should be able to create relevant and appealing material.

Have you heard the phrase ” Content is king “?

Modern SEO experts know that search engines put more value on high-quality content. They must be able to address the subject matter and include keywords that are relevant to the market they are targeting.

The top SEO experts are in a position to implement and test outbound marketing strategies using the search engine. Improve the design of a site in order to be more appealing to Google without losing sight of the users.

SEO specialists are aware of that the value of internal links just as well as having links from and to the outside.

The SEO specialist will evaluate websites for ways to improve them They will have an in-depth understanding of keyword research comprehend SEO copywriting and act as a bridge between different departments.

SEO specialists often come from diverse backgrounds. Certain SEO specialists are programmers. Some are entrepreneurs, while others are traditional experts in marketing. Other professionals include journalists, communicators gardeners, trainers, as well as rappers!

The profile of the job-seeker for SEO specialist

Typically, a degree from a college and at the very least three to one year of experience in the field is required to be an SEO specialist which includes the ability to master HTML, CSS, programming language, and management of blogs.

SEO specialists have soft skills, but some of these are common to all SEO specialists.

Do not take the information below as a complete list of all the abilities required by an SEO specialist should have. I’m sure there are a lot of people performing SEO with success with these qualifications.

The 3 essential skills of an SEO specialist.

1. Critical thinking

It’s difficult to determine. However, it is crucial to ensure that SEO experts possess the brain that is analytical and can distinguish between causality and correlation.

An SEO specialist must be able to comprehend:

  1. What was the outcome of a website
  2. What caused it to happen?
  3. What is the best way to approach the given optimization context

I’m here to provide you with some uninspiring news There are many methods to evaluate these skills, however, you won’t be able to determine this using specific scientific methods.

The goal is to comprehend the issue by examining the issue from multiple angles and to make use of the data and logic in making an informed decision. Instinct is not part of the thinking processes of an SEO expert.

2. Writing and speaking abilities for human beings

An SEO expert or consultant can conduct keyword research with absolute independence and also write content on the basis of it.

But that’s not all.

A knowledgeable SEO specialist is able to convince clients and internal teams to take the correct decision. He can help with speeches during meetings, and also produces reports internal documents cases studies, etc.

SEO is more than just faith, but also the ability to translate complex thoughts and ideas into concepts that people who aren’t SEOs can grasp in order to make the right decisions.

All of this is tied in with the capacity to talk and write.

3. Skills in programming and technical skills

There will be a debate about this issue. There are a lot of SEO experts who can perform an amazing job, without any understanding of programming or programming languages.

In fact, even some programming experience can be a boon even for the SEO specialist. I discuss this point in the following article.

SEO Specialist vs Developer

Do SEO specialists require a developer or be proficient in coding or other languages?

The exchange of ideas among the SEO Specialist and developers or webmasters in the team is easier when you communicate in the same language and communicate with each other on needs, requests, knowledge.

Evidently, programming skills are vital to constructing the structure of a website. It’s not just HTML5 as well as CSS.

I’m not saying that SEO professionals must be proficient in writing code. However, they must be able to comprehend the code strings which are involved in SEO interventions, and also what it’s like to modify the code.

You’ll need the most up-to-date information on the algorithms for positioning search engines as well as being able to set up themes and add-ons to the most popular CMSs.

Master the use of Web analytics tools like Google Search Console and Google Analytics as well as crawling tools, such as Screaming Frog and Keyword Search as well as monitors (Ahrefs, SemRush, or SEO Zoom).

What are the most common mistakes and objections, or how can you overcome issues with development?

There are many technical nuances (you may be scared) that are easier to deal with by having a basic understanding of programming languages. For instance, loading times of a website.

The technical knowledge of the field makes the work of an SEO Specialist much simpler. If it’s writing a short Python program that will automatically add HREFLAN to your Sitemap XML or creating an internet module using PHP.

What are the chances of a job as an SEO Specialist?

The job as an SEO Specialist requires continuous updating of their abilities. Being up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in the everyday life of an expert in search engine positioning.

The best way to accomplish that is to be a follower of these blogs, which are SEO-related and related to digital marketing (Italian and international) and, most importantly, of which is the official Google blog about SEO and organic placement ” Google Search Central Blog “. These are the major modifications to the algorithms used by search engines.

An SEO specialist will have to put in time and effort in the development of effective link-building strategies. They will have to be flexible since the amount of work can change between days and project to project. This also requires an abundance of self-control.

What opportunities do SEO specialists get?

There’s lots of competition in the search engine Optimization market.

But the field is expanding and growing. After 2020 and the growth of the digital industry it is expected to happen that SEO experts will be more sought-after by businesses.

There may be jobs for SEO in large businesses which have departments for marketing. Digital and web marketing agencies usually look for specialists of this kind. International Web-based agencies are likely to have opportunities to work in other countries.

Self-employment as a freelance SEO advisor is a possibility for experienced SEO experts. It is possible that you will have to travel, as a freelancer you’ll need to travel to the agency on occasion. Visits to customers are an essential element of your job.

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