The Benefits of WhatsApp Business In Your Business

More than two billion people across the globe make use of WhatsApp to share messages with friends, colleagues, and family in group chats, private messages, or even groups.

SMS is a product of the 90s and is now being replaced by instant messaging apps.

Many businesses have seen huge potential in this technology and have begun to use apps for chatting with customers.


WhatsApp Business was born from this necessity. What is WhatsApp Business? We’ll explain it to you right away.

It’s an alternative to WhatsApp created to aid small and medium-sized companies to establish rapid and efficient ways to communicate with their customers.

What are the functions that are available in WhatsApp Business?

To get the most value from WhatsApp Business you need to look beyond the basic simplicity of the simple question-and-answer message.

This app is designed to be used by small and medium-sized companies and professionals, you are able to utilize it to:

  • improve customer care
  • keep customers
  • Sell your items.

How do I set up WhatsApp Business?

To install the program it is necessary to have a business number that, unlike the standard version, can also be a landline.

You can also access WhatsApp Business via PC in its web-based version, however, you’re able to connect it to one primary device.

Be sure that both your number and phone number aren’t already used through the company’s personal WhatsApp service. Both versions are not compatible.

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Which device should you choose to make use of WhatsApp Business?

In order to install WhatsApp Business we suggest that you pick from:

  • a Dual Sim phone. This allows you to manage both your business and personal accounts using two different numbers, and keep your profiles distinct. This is among the most sought-after options because smartphones that have 2 SIM slots are accessible;
  • A smartphone that allows you to create make separate profiles for each user. Similar to computers smartphones, many phones permit you to set up different profiles. You can make use of this option using WhatsApp Business and your personal account. WhatsApp Business as well as your personal WhatsApp on various accounts.
  • a landline phone. If you opt to make use of a landline telephone it is not necessary to resolve the issue of interaction between the two applications. This is to be the most natural choice However, make sure to confirm your activation, you won’t receive an SMS, but instead a call.

How can I set up an account for WhatsApp Business?

Once you’ve selected the device that you will install the application for creating an account, you will need to provide the following information:

  • Company name
  • Profile picture
  • Values and mission of the company
  • Address
  • Hours of operation for the company
  • E-mail address
  • The website

This information transforms your WhatsApp Business profile into a kind of “showcase” for your company.

Through these windows, your clients will be able to access a variety of details about your company and offerings.

How can I add and receive Contacts to WhatsApp Business?

To make the most of the full possibilities for the benefits of WhatsApp Business, you need to add contacts. Here are a few ways to do this:

  • QRcode

After hitting the milestone of 50 million customers, WhatsApp Business has introduced the possibility of adding contacts via QRcode.

If you’re operating an actual store, this option is extremely useful since you can encourage customers to call your store by entering the QR code inside the windows of your shop.

If you don’t own an actual store, don’t worry; you can still use the same approach by placing this QR code on your website or promotional flyers.

  • CTA
    The majority of customers prefer to engage in short and written conversations than conduct phone conversations.

You can utilize this option in your favor by putting a hyperlink to WhatsApp as well as its “Click to chat” CTA on your website and inviting people to get in touch with you.

  • Promotions

To gain additional numbers, you can employ the promotion strategy and offer discounts to customers who have subscribed to your WhatsApp Business channel.

This way, you will be able to obtain contact details of customers as benefits and while enticing users to sign up for WhatsApp Business and other apps, you’ll build a sense of community among the users.

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How do you protect your privacy using Whatsapp Business?

The primary goal for WhatsApp Business there is not to advertise Spam and you definitely would not like to be viewed as intrusive or disruptive when you conduct the marketing efforts you run.

To address this, WhatsApp Business has introduced the requirement to obtain consent. Similar to Newsletter subscriptions it is not allowed in sending messages out to contacts absent their permission.

Without their express permission, you’ll only be able to address their questions.

3 benefits from WhatsApp Business for your communication

If you have received the consent of your users, you can send messages in three different ways.

1. Utilize automation to your advantage

A serious error to avoid is using an instant messaging service particularly from a business is to send an unanswered message.

Automated messages can save you from this hassle, and also avoid frustration from customers.

These messages can be used to serve a variety of purposes:

  • To greet. Create a welcome message for every customer who writes your company for the very first time. This small gesture will make the customer feel appreciated as well as important and thought of.
  • Inform customers of your absence. Inform your customers of your absence and inability to respond. If you’re not there during the holidays, you can announce the date of your return or, when the business is closed temporarily, you can provide information regarding the time of reopening.
  • Follow-up. Do you remember when you look up the product on the internet and the email from the company reminds you to purchase something? With WhatsApp Business, you can use similar mechanisms to send messages following a specific period of time when the customer is not active.
  • Quick response messages. You are bound to receive many questions. To help you work more efficiently, you can save answers. You just must send them to these to improve efficiency and speed.
  • Send out SMS marketing. You can make messages that are targeted to established groups of customers to inform them about products or services you believe could be of interest to them.

2. Get organized and better

The benefits of messaging didn’t stop there. WhatsApp Business can also be utilized to help you organize your business track statistics, analyze your target audience.

WhatsApp Business allows you to create up to 20 labels using various shades to sort your messages in the same way as you would within your email inbox.

Not only important messages won’t lose their value, but you will also be able to quickly track all conversations that you are interested in most by navigating through different categories.


3. Monitor interactions

The application allows users to look up information:

  • the answers that were received
  • Unanswered questions
  • The reading time is the average
  • The dropout rate.

The information gathered through stats and analysis of conversations is extremely valuable to the analysis of the target market and the advantages and disadvantages of your company.

With the most frequently-asked feedback and questions, you will identify areas for improvement and what your customers want In this way, you can define your customer personas more thoroughly and know where to put your money.

How can you make money via WhatsApp Business?

Alongside the showcase of your company, on WhatsApp Business, you can build an actual online store using the catalog function and shopping cart feature.

  1. You can promote your products and services by making your catalog. WhatsApp Business catalogs work in the same way as Facebook or Instagram window shops. Customers are able to browse through them and learn more about your complete offering.
  2. WhatsApp Business has also added the shopping cart feature. With this update, your customers will not be limited to browsing your catalogs however, they can also select items and then send a message along when they have placed an order, completing the purchase through chat, with no other considerations.

How can you build the loyalty of your customers with WhatsApp Business?

Utilizing WhatsApp Business in a more imaginative way, you will be able to enhance the management of your community and improve the perception of inclusiveness and exclusivity as well as enhance the involvement of your customers.

Here are some ideas:

  • Get exclusive discounts and unpublished content previews, and other information. In reality, this program gives the impression of being part of a tiny circle of individuals who are entitled to the benefits of being part of a select group.

Your customer base could grow into an online community, which could increase the number of sales you make, not just because they received discounts, but because they felt valued.

  • Create contests in which you require customers to share messages and posts that align with the company’s principles. By doing this, you will give your customers an identity with the company’s values and get involved with the latter, thus increasing their engagement significantly.

Gamification is in fact one of the most effective methods to achieve results from this kind. Inducing its users to become protagonists in the content they create will make them more responsive and active and also more likely to purchase.

You now know how to use WhatsApp to help you manage your Customer Care and to build catalogs and shops to boost conversions Are you prepared to investigate the potential benefits of WhatsApp Business?

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