How to create your newsletter using social media?

“Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed”.

An excellent lesson taught by Lavoisier that we learn daily, and in every industry.

Weekly bulletins, daily bulletins appendix story… Are the editorial styles that are tied to the date of the newspaper that most likely in the majority of us, trigger nostalgia.


Are they truly lost? Are they really lost?

These contents aren’t lost However, they have endured the changes in time changing shape.
Discovering what outfits they wear today to stay up to date with new technologies and demands will be a surprise to you.

Why is it important to have newsletters to ensure a successful marketing campaign?

Are you waiting too for the latest news of today, the market, or to be awed by the efforts of your competition?

You might not have even considered this, but we’re certain that you are doing it daily. When the wait was awaited by a newspaper stand or the mailbox, nowadays everything happens via email and via emails.

The most well-known formats for editorial have been sustained precisely by newsletters. These emails are sent out to a list of subscribers in order to keep them up-to-date.

For a few years, newsletters have emerged as one of the main aspects of digital marketing. They help to keep close contact with the community, stimulate it, educate about it, and then treat it with love.

The Mail Academy study conducted in 2020 has revealed the following in Italy:

  • 70% of companies employ newsletters.
  • The sending rate has increased by 20%.
  • The one-time open rate was increased by 11%.

What can this information tell us? In short, it means that more and more businesses in Italy are using newsletters for communication and that more of their customers want to go through the newsletters.

If you haven’t got your own company newsletter or want to make it easier for your management, we have exciting information for you. Now, you can distribute your newsletters via social networks!

Facebook, LinkedIn Facebook Twitter, and Facebook Twitter: Let’s look at these three platforms to help you create and streamline the management of your newsletters.


How can you use LinkedIn to send out business newsletters?

LinkedIn is the social media platform specifically designed for working professionals and for a while has offered its users the chance to design the newsletter of their choice.

With the wide-ranging characteristics of the site creating your own company newsletters on this platform will provide you with many benefits.

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Why should you write a newsletter for LinkedIn?

The sectoral aspect of the network enables you to expand your market and keep it alive with useful content.

It is possible to use to sign up for the Linkedin newsletter to meet a number of objectives:

  • engage your audience
  • expand your community
  • create the brand’s image
  • provide real-time feedback in real-time.

How can you make an email newsletter for LinkedIn?

Simple and only takes some time and only four crucial steps:

  1. on the homepage, select the item “write an article”
  2. Click”create newsletter” and then “create newsletter”
  3. include the title of your newsletter and a description of its contents, a publication time, and an image
  4. Click “Finish”.

Then, your subscribers and followers will be invited to the newsletter by way of an email.

After the newsletter is published, you are given the opportunity to write a daily article. After you have published it, your readers will receive updates on the app as well as via email.

In the articles that you have published, you can keep motivating your readers and encourage readers to read more by mentioning your contact information in the comments, and also asking them specific questions.

Be sure to remember the hashtags that enable your newsletter to gain greater visibility and help create a buzz around your newsletter, your products, and your company’s name more well-known to a growing amount of people.

Be careful! It is currently not possible to subscribe to the newsletter by itself therefore you’ll have to ask your friends to sign up.


How do you write a great newsletter for LinkedIn?

To write the newsletter on Facebook and other social networking sites, there is no technical specifications to be observed.

But, LinkedIn provides some advice to remember to make your newsletter more effective :

  • Choose a subject you’re knowledgeable about and one that your audience might have an interest in. Write texts that grab readers’ attention. target audience,
  • Choose the title that clearly explains the contents of the newsletter. The title of your newsletter should be simple and clear to stay in the mind of all your subscribers,
  • to create the logo, make use of a logo with dimensions 300×300 pixels,
  • every article has to be with a unique picture of the cover. Be aware that typically the images which get the best result are those featuring faces of people.
  • interact with your readers Share your newsletter, post comments, and ask questions to get your followers involved,
  • follow the standard sending time It is crucial that your readers are accustomed to your newsletters and see your newsletter as an essential event.

Facebook newsletter: What is Bulletin? Facebook newsletter: what exactly is Bulletin?

Facebook has introduced a brand new update and added the newsletter into its content. There is still beta test and beta testing, but there’s plenty of information that available.

Facebook Bulletin, is the name of the area that is dedicated to newsletters.

It will host pay-per-view and non-paying content. Users will be enticed to sign up by joining dedicated Facebook groups and badges that are unique to the service.

What are the advantages that come with Facebook Bulletin?

Even though it’s only taking its initial actions, Bulletin already presents itself as one of the best players in the marketplace due to its numerous advantages.

  • Create published content for a fee.
  • imports the content from a different newsletter in order to not eliminate work already done
  • create multimedia applications through using audio and podcasts in rooms to generate audio-based suggestions and enhance the effectiveness of newsletters.

Be prepared and ready to be the first person to take over the platform. This is a chance not to miss to be the first to pioneer something that will give you a huge advantage in communications over your competition.


Twitter and Revue: how do the social newsletters change?

At the beginning of 2021, Twitter announced the acquisition of Revue the company that was created in the year 2015 that provides an online newsletter service. It was a strategic move to compete against other platforms.

While the two platforms remain distinct but the two services are now beginning to connect and how? By using a specific button on Twitter’s profile. Twitter profile.

How can I join newsletters and social media on Twitter?

“Any creator with a Twitter account linked to their Revue newsletter can activate the feature to allow users to subscribe to the newsletter directly from Twitter.”

This was the reason why Twitter introduced the new feature recently, by the top executives of Twitter. This means that Twitter has added directly on the profiles of people who have an account on Revue account in order to make sure that the followers sign up immediately for the Revue newsletter.

If you’ve made the decision to use this method please note that some users might not have this alternative. This feature is currently only available on the internet and Android and is currently being tested.

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