How To Make Money With Amazon

Have you ever thought about making money with Amazon?

The horizons of the Internet are boundless, and along with its coordinates, you will find hungry entrepreneurs who, like dowsers looking for water, will look for new business solutions.

One of these is undoubtedly provided by the e-commerce giant born from the mind of Jeff Bezos.


Have you always believed that Amazon was just a place to sell and buy? Then you are completely out of the way! The most famous e-commerce on the Web offers us the possibility to make profits and to make money from home with Amazon.

We will not have to be expert entrepreneurs to make money with Amazon and we will not even have to have who knows what huge capital to invest.

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So how to make money with Amazon?

No sooner said than done! Take a few minutes of your time to discover all the opportunities that this immense platform will be able to offer you!

Amazon Affiliate Program

Earning with Amazon Affiliations is one of the simplest and least expensive ways to increase our income. In practice, we will have to work with Amazon by advertising its products.

In what sense? To join the Amazon affiliate program, you need to be present on the web through a website or blog. By subscribing to the program through the official website we will choose which kind of products we will be willing to sponsor.

Amazon will thus provide us with a banner to be placed on our site. If one of our users clicks on this link and makes a purchase through it, we will get a commission of up to 10%. The percentage will vary according to the type of product: it starts from 1% for videogames and reaches 10% for everything related to fashion.

A fundamental trait to earn with Amazon through affiliations will be that of the traffic on our site. The more people visit it, the more likely it is that someone will click on the banner.

It will also be our job to make the sponsored product more appealing to our users. For example, we could publish a nice article in which the quality of the product is praised, and accompany it with photos capable of attracting attention.

Obviously, the sponsored product must be in line with the contents of our site. For example, it will be useless to have a console banner if our site is about fashion!

In choosing the Amazon product to advertise, there are basically two criteria to consider:

  • Promote products capable of guaranteeing high commissions;
  • Advertise valuable products. The higher the final price, the more our percentage will increase accordingly.

Become an Amazon seller

The Bezos platform is the largest marketplace on the web. So how to make money with Amazon? Selling!

A percentage equal to 15% is retained on every Amazon sale. For this reason, it is necessary to understand whether or not there is a valid profit margin for the products we would like to sell. The game must be worth the candle!

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One of the best ways to work with Amazon is to use Retail Arbitrage techniques, or simply Arbitrage. What are?

Arbitrage is a marketing technique that is developed both offline and online. On the Web, it consists in finding products sold at a lower price than Amazon on other marketplaces on the net and then reselling them at a higher price on the latter.

Before carrying out each operation we will have to calculate all the extra costs that will weigh on our pockets, and thus understand the extent of the gain:

  • Amazon commission of 15%;
  • Packaging materials;
  • Shipping costs if at our expense;
  • 0.99 euros on each transaction made on Amazon.

The last point is related to the type of account chosen. In fact, the platform gives us the choice between a basic and a premium profile.

In the first case, we could make a maximum of 40 sales per month, and for each transaction, in addition to the commission, we will pay an additional 0.99 euros. The packaging of the goods will be up to us directly.

For the premium version, on the other hand, the sales volume is unlimited, but a monthly fee of 39.99 euros will have to be paid, to which no additional costs will be applied.

Opting for a premium account certainly means investing more resources to resell on the platform. Usually, this kind of profile buys products directly from wholesalers by buying entire stocks that allow keeping the unit price of the goods treated lower.

Amazon also gives you the opportunity to join its FBA service. What’s it about? If our workload is rather demanding, we could delegate the packing and shipping activities directly to the Bezos giant.

Our goods will be shipped to Amazon’s warehouses and the agents will take delivery of the orders taking care of all the details.

Obviously, this service will incur a surcharge, but we could significantly reduce warehouse costs.

Make money with Amazon by writing an e-book

Have you always dreamed of writing a book, but the fear of being rebounded by publishing houses made you give up? With Amazon, we will be able to publish our manuscripts independently without the need to spend mind-boggling amounts.

In fact, the online platform also contains a special service dedicated to the creation of e-books. We will only have to worry about writing! Amazon already provides a preset layout that will format the book according to the typical layout of an e-book.

Once our “first work” has been completed, all we have to do is decide the selling price and try to climb the rankings. You can also decide to make the e-book downloadable for free: a great move to make yourself known to the public!

In short, even for aspiring writers, writing and working from home with Amazon is a viable option.

Earn money with Amazon reviews

Who knows how many times you’ve found yourself shopping on Amazon. And have you ever left a review on your purchase? If the answer is no, I recommend that you look at this business from another perspective.

You can earn with Amazon reviews !

Being a frequent visitor to the platform and reviewing every purchase with commitment, could give us the opportunity to become part of the ” Top reviewers ” (among the first thousand in the ranking), and consequently be included in the ” Amazon Vine ” program.

What is that? Vine only landed in Italy in 2016, and can only be accessed through an official invitation. Amazon selects the most active and best reviewers, and gives them products to test for free, and then carefully evaluate!

Will we have to return the products once they have been tested? Absolutely not! They will remain in our possession.

So how to become a “top reviewer”? We will have to arm ourselves with a lot of patience. The first step is to take care of your profile. We insert a photo of ourselves, and tell something about us in the biography, trying to show ourselves as credible and reliable people.

The second step will lie in the effectiveness of the review. Let’s try to write in simple and understandable Italian: a few words that hit the spot! We always take into consideration the various characteristics such as the very important value for money. Furthermore, it is always a “good and right choice” to enrich the reviews with photos of the product received.

I hope this short guide inspires your business drive. Making money with Amazon is possible. You just have to try!

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